Afterlife Print

PriceFrom R4 750,00
  • Sizing Information

    Please note that all sizing examples are approximate. I suggest measuring out the dimensions below if wall space or sizing is of critical importance. 

    The following dimensions are the size of the printed material:

    M: A2 = 594mm x 420mm = 23.4″ x 16.5″

    L: A1 = 841mm x 594mm = 33.1″ x 23.4″

    XL: A0 = 1189mm x 841mm = 46.8″ x 33.1″

    Please note: a 20mm (approximately 3/4″) border surrounds all printed material. This is known as an “own-white” border, as it is simply made up of the unprinted page. As such, the actual paper size you’ll receive is:

    M: A2 = 634mm x 460mm = 25″ x 18.1″

    L: A1 = 881mm x 634mm = 34.7″ x 25″

    XL: A0 = 1229mm x 881mm = 48.4″ x 34.7″

    If you would prefer to have a larger own-white border, that can be arranged at an additional cost.