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Stylish and comfortable, our pet beds are designed to accentuate your décor and style. Your furry friend also needs a cosy and fun place to snuggle in and feel loved.


  • Very durable
  • Beautiful, modern
  • Contemporary and unique
  • Made by hand
  • Indoor / under cover use
  • Hanging mechanisms in standard lengths included
  • Powder coated
  • Made from mild steel – rust treated
  • Stainless Steel recommended for humid, salty, high moisture, coastal regions – on request and at an additional charge
  • Made in South Africa

Bubble, Cushion & Half Circle Stand | Furry Friend

R9 699,00Price
  • Bubble small:
    50 cm (side to side)
    43 cm (front to back)
    50 cm (top to bottom height)

    19.7” (side to side)
    16.9” (front to back)
    19.7” (top to bottom height)

    Stand for small Bubble:
    47 cm (side to side)
    60 cm (front to back)
    74 cm (height)

    18.5” (side to side)
    23.6” (front to back)
    29.1” (height)

    Round cushion size for Bubble:
    46 cm diameter / 18.1”

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