A bit about Caribean Dusk by Rudi Gremels - photographer


"There’s nothing quite as serene as a tropical sunset. But to watch a tropical sunset from an island the size of a golfing green is nothing short of glorious.With no one else around you but the relaxed Caribbean ocean, you can’t help but feel a profound sense of calm take over your being. When I see sights such as these, I sometimes don’t know what to do with them. I take the photo, but then what?I’ve learnt that the best thing to do is to sit with the sight, this view that will inevitably fade away into the dark, and try to introduce that peacefulness into my heart. What are we but the moments we are a witness to?"

Caribean Dusk Photographic Print

PriceFrom R4 750,00
  • Sizing Information

    Please note that all sizing examples are approximate. I suggest measuring out the dimensions below if wall space or sizing is of critical importance. 

    The following dimensions are the size of the printed material:

    M: A2 = 594mm x 420mm = 23.4″ x 16.5″

    L: A1 = 841mm x 594mm = 33.1″ x 23.4″

    XL: A0 = 1189mm x 841mm = 46.8″ x 33.1″

    Please note: a 20mm (approximately 3/4″) border surrounds all printed material. This is known as an “own-white” border, as it is simply made up of the unprinted page. As such, the actual paper size you’ll receive is:

    M: A2 = 634mm x 460mm = 25″ x 18.1″

    L: A1 = 881mm x 634mm = 34.7″ x 25″

    XL: A0 = 1229mm x 881mm = 48.4″ x 34.7″

    If you would prefer to have a larger own-white border, that can be arranged at an additional cost.