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By fixing a angle grinder like a pendulum and allowing it to swing wildly, the dished seat is carved. This unique process results in striking texture while also forming a surprisingly comfortable seat.


Ideas of control and chaos are central to this piece, although the parameters for creation are set up, the end result will always be undeterminable. This contrast between the deliberate hand of the artist and ideas of uncertainty is furthered through the juxtaposition of the fine dovetail joinery and the chaotic texture of the seat.


Finished with a smooth, black, polished surface the texture of the seat and the crisp geometry of the stool adds to this curious balance of artistic finesse and disorder.


The full six minute video accompaniment will be available upon purchase.

Galileo Stool

R7 500,00Price
  • Material: Beech Wood, Piano black stain and polish

    Each item will feature slight variations since each piece of timber has different grains/ artistic movement. This is what makes timber furniture so unique. 

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